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Well, just in case I'm not the only person who missed it, Eric Woolfson died of cancer this past Wednesday. He was 64.

Some new Alan Parsons Project news!

FYI: If you go to the Alan Parsons Project Online Store, you will find a couple new items. First is an official APP poster, available for $9.95. Also, they are accepting preorders for an official APP t-shirt which will be selling for $19.95.

Suppot the Project!

Eric's been busy!

Haven't had any activity here in awhile, although there are things afoot with APP. Eric Woolfson has two new albums out that are available for purchase or digital download here:


The first one is called Eric Woolfson sings The Alan Parsons Project that Never Was. It is a collection of 10 "missing" APP tracks written and sung by Eric Woolfson. (Two of the tracks, "Immortal" and "Somewhere in the Audience" are from his Edgar Allan Poe musical.)

The second one is called Poe: More Tales of Mystery and Imagination and it is all music from his Edgar Allan Poe musical.

I believe in both cases that if you order the CD version, you immediately get access to MP3s of the songs for digital download, which is pretty cool.

News from the Alan Parsons Project Website

The new Deluxe Edition Double CD of
Tales of Mystery and Imagination (released by Universal on 30th April 2007) is now available to pre-order in the APP Website shop: http://www.the-alan-parsons-project.com/shop/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=19

- Includes the newly re-mastered original 1976 version of the album (the first time this version has ever been available in CD format)

- Also includes the newly re-mastered 1987 re-mix version of the album

- Contains 8 never before heard bonus tracks including:

1) The Raven - original demo recorded by Eric Woolfson before he met Alan Parsons
2) Edgar - original demo of an unreleased track
3) Orson Welles Radio Spot
4) Interview with Alan and Eric 1976
5) Eric's Guide Vocal Medley
6) Orson Welles Dialogue (the full content some of which has never been heard before)
7) Sea Lions in the Departure Lounge - experiment with sound effects
8) GBH Mix - unreleased experiments

- Booklet including new sleeve notes incorporating interviews with Eric & Alan and rare photos and memorabilia

- For full details on the bonus material click here http://www.the-alan-parsons-project.com/talesof.html

The bonus material for the next three albums to be released (
Pyramid, Turn of a Friendly Card and Stereotomy) is being worked on at the moment and we'll announce details as soon as they're available.

Sony/ BMG are now planning to release the Double Essential APP Compilation in the US in May. Thanks for your comments posted in the Forum on the subject!

Thanks again for your ongoing support.

Kind regards

James @ The Official APP Website

Oh, hey!

One more thing before I hit the hay...

The new website has clips of remastered tracks for the reissues. And, they've got this: a clip from the never before issued 1983 song "No Answers Only Questions". Sounds like a really cool song.

It's a good time to be an APP fan!

Hey there, folks!

In case you weren't aware of it, the Alan Parsons albums are being reissued in special expanded versions. This past week, I Robot, Eye in the Sky, and Vulture Culture were supposed to be release. I'm not sure that they actually have been, however. (Vulture Culture is not available in all countries, and unfortunately for me the US is one of them.) Also, Tales of Mystery and Imagination is available for pre-order.

On top of everything else, a three disk compilation called The Essential Alan Parsons Project is available on a limited basis.

You can check out the new official Alan Parsons Project website for more details, including their shop where the reissues can be ordered or pre-ordered,


So many on my friends list has mentioned www.pandora.com that I had to check it out. Groovy!

If you don't know about it, it takes information you put in about your favorite music and plays stuff it thinks you'll like. It works very well and sounds great. You can try it out for free and without signing up and it'll play you six songs. Then if you like you can register and it will just continue playing. As it plays you have the option of saying whether you like each individual song or not to further refine the selections it picks.

The thing I like is that you can create more than one station. So far I've created one called "Progrock" which features stuff like Yes, Rush, Alan Parsons, and early ELO. It's come up with some current groups I haven't heard of but like along with some old stuff. I've also created one I call "Easy Instrumentals" which features New Age, Folk, and accoustic light Jazz. I've got ideas for a couple more stations that I may have to create.

If you've got a fairly quick connection, you should definitely check it out.
We've got a few members, and I'd like to think we'd get more if there were some activity here. So let's start simple.

What's your favorite APP song? Why?

I'm going to cop out a little by selecting one from Eye in the Sky. My favorite is "Old and Wise". For one thing, I've always liked the longer cuts with the varying styles. The feeling of nostalgia in the lyrics also appeals to me.


It seems all my favorite bands have fan communities in LJ land, except the Alan Parsons Project. So, here it is! Have fun! I look forward to hearing from fellow fans.